Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 2: Start/Sit

Week 2 brings us to sunny San Diego! If the Chargers struggled against the Cards defense, Seattle D ought to make the San Diego QB cry a River (too cute?)!

Russell Wilson, QB 
We boldly predicted Wilson on the verge of FF QB1 territory last week and we were right. Wilson faces a pass defense ranked 24th against the pass with a nicked Brandon Flowers. They can be had and yes, Russell will! Look or 2 passing TDs and some short yardage runs.

Marshawn Lynch, RB
This offense churns through Beastmode! Lynch is a pure RB1; a reincarnation of Earl Campbell. Lynch faces a 16th ranked (vs) rushing defense. They're not terrible, but I see no reason for Lynch to not score at least once at the goal line.

Percy Harvin, WR
On the ground or through air...Lord have Percy! If Tate thought Seattle would miss him, he underestimated Harvin. He's no pedetrian and is a threat on punts, kickoffs, running plays and receptions. He's always the X-factor and you're always starting him, period!

Doug Baldwin, WR
Our apologies for last week. We boldly predicted Kearse would rise and Baldwin would fall. Baldwin is locked in as the number 2 receiver in this offense, If you play PPR, Baldwin should get you some reception points this week. We caution you to not raise expectations though, Baldwin is the third option behind Harvin and Lynch.

Ricardo Lockette
You're are we. Available on a multitude of waiver wires, he's always worth a desperation flex, but it's week 2 and you're not that decimated and desperate yet!

Jermaine Kearse, WR
We bought into Kearse lock, stock and barrell as Wilson's new number 2 and we were wrong. Look for Wilson to look for Baldwin. 

Seattle TEs
If we're curbing your enthusiasm on PPR potential like Baldwin, we have no reason to sugar coat the inconsistent and often blocking role of the Seattle TE.

Michael Bennett/Cliff Avril, DE
I believe each come away with a sack and an earful from always talkative Rivers.

Bobby Wagner, LB
If NFL antiques like Larry Foote and Abraham can rattle Rivers, BWags should be down right terrifying. Look for at least one sack and ample tackling opportunities with the Chargers wanting to rely on their ground game. Oh yeah, there's also that guy Antonio Gates he'll find in the flats.

Marcus Burley, CB
Confession. I'd never heard of this guy and was trying to figure out what he was doing on the field. Look for Rivers to go after him early and often. This could be bad for the Seahawks, but good for your IDP stats!

Byron Maxwell, CB
If your name is not Richard Sherman, the balls coming your way. Tackles and INT opportunities are plentiful!

Earl Thomas/Kam Chancellor,S
Thomas and Chancellor should have ample tackle and INT opportunities as the game wears on and Rivers starts winging it all over the field (as he does). 

Richard Sherman, CB
While the odds of seeing the bizarro Packers game plan again are slim, Rivers best bet is to avoid him. Rivers spoke of throwing his way. I'll believe it when I see it.

Good luck and Go Hawks!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 1...Mulligan Week

RIt's week 1. The "fake" season is over! The real season is here. Heroes become legend. Legends fall to Earth. Welcome! Week 1 is the great unknown; our mulligan.

Russell Wilson, QB
It's no secret Seattle's offense runs through Beastmode. However, this preseason has shown the further maturation of Wilson in the passing game. Facing an average DB pairing of Shields and Williams and the ability to scramble for Touchdowns, I'll go out on a limb and proclaim Wilson as a borderline QB1 start this week in your fantasy league.

Marshawn Lynch, RB
It's no secret Green Bay will key on the run to stop Seattle. The good news is Lynch faces a defense that ranked 25th vs. the run last year minus BJ Raji. The Packers may stop Lynch early, but count on Lynch to  break them with a big run.

Percy Harvin, WR
All eyes are on Harvin. Look for a return to that magical Favre-era Harvin. He's rested and ready against an opponent he knows well. Harvin is a must start against a below average run defense (look for an end round run) and a pass defense devoid of it's past Woodson greatness.

Jermaine Kearse
In the absence if Tate, Kearse not Baldwin has garnered the "go-to" role for Wilson. He's a bit of a risky play in a run heavy offense, but someone benefits from the extra attention Harvin receives. Call it a hunch, but I believe it's Kearse. If he's our on your waiver wire, grab him. I guarantee you by week 3 he'll be gone.

Steven Hauschka, PK
This could be a tight game of long field goals. Hauschka is money. 

Doug Baldwin, WR
See Kearse

Seattle TEs
Unless something's changed in the off-season, only the most desperate team plays a Seahawk TE.

Michael Bennett, DE
Remember former Seahawks 4-sack pummeling of Aaron Rodgers a couple years ago? GM Ted Thompson does not believe in investing in quality O-Lineman. Bennett is greater than Clemons. Me. Rodgers, this is Bennett's neighborhood and he'd like to welcome you with a couple nice sacks.

Bobby Wagner, LB
Wagner should be good to go for week 1. If you start any Seattle LB, Wagner is the guy. Look for Green Bay to try and get Lacy going early. Wagner will be there to him!

Jeremy Lane, CB
The trend of attacking Lane and avoiding Sherman continues here. Lane's proven tough against the likes of Brees, Kaepernick, and Manning. He's simply the lesser of 2 evils for a QB. Look for good tackle numbers and a rarefied pick from Mr. Rodgers.

Earl Thomas, S
Thomas provides ample tackle an INT opportunities. If your league awards special team play, he's become more valuable. 

Richard Sherman, CB
This has nothing to do with that bizarro Raiders preseason game. Rodgers is as sharp as they come and he knows to go opposite of Sherman.

Kam Chancellor, S
Kam should be good to go, but with limited preseason reps and continued trust in Jeron Johnson, reps could be split. He's always a great IDP and if you're in a bind he could be a decent start. However, I'd proceed with caution and recommend waiting until week 2. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome Back and Random Thoughts!

The new season's upon us! So Seattle lost that first preseason game. Remember:
  1. It's preseason (This was lost on some Broncos fans and Media)
  2. Denver's intact starters barely beat a Hawks team missing 17 players including a patchwork offensive line. 
  3. Remember Seattle starts slow out of the gate. We saw it last year. We'll see it this year!
  4. ...and's preseason!!
In the coming (preseason) weeks we'll see the rise and fall of many players. Unknown players will rise from obscurity (those last round deep sleepers you drafted). Others to be counted on; drafted in the first and second round will fall to injury pushing the fantasy world to the brink of frustration.

Sit back, relax and get ready.....The Seattle Seahawks Fantasy blog is back for another season!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Seahawks Player Speculation and Destination Part 1

Whether maintaining a dynasty team or are preparing for a redraft league; it's never too early to plan. The following Seahawks are on the market and from a Fantasy Perspective 

Michael Bennett
Let's face it; Bennett wants Seattle to show him the money. Jared Allen is on the market. Bennett has his ring. Allen does not. At this point a title is the goal for the mulletted one. For Bennett, he want the cash. Some places he could land are: 
Jacksonville Jaguars
Gus Bradley is turning Jacksonville into Seattle-light. Bennett already knows the schemes and provides leadership to the rebuilding Jags. 

Chicago Bears
With his brother, Martellus Bennett a Bear and Chicago also a Super Bowl contender in 2014, Bennett could end here. The big issue for Chicago is money. Chicago just spent big money on Cutler. They need to pay Peppers. Bennett turns 29. It seems unlikely, Chicago will offer him much more money than Seattle. However, if ends up a Bear, his IDP value should remain high.

New England Patriots
The Pats are a rumored destination with the need for a third DE to use in their defensive rotation. While this is more speculative amongst than the sports writer community, it would be a logical choice. However, Bennett's personality is much more suited to a loose Pete Carroll than a tight-shipped, controlling Belichek. He would maintain his high IDP numbers in this system.

Golden Tate
Jacksonville Jaguars
Bradley knows Tate and Jacksonville is desperate for receivers.While I'm not sure Jacksonville would shell out the cash, it's a logical landing spot.

New York Giants
With the possibility of Nicks leaving New York; Tate will be one of many receivers considered. I see this as a less likely landing spot with so many receivers on the market. However, this landing spot would boost his fantasy value 

New York Jets
Jets GM, John Idzik is familiar with Tate as the former VP in Seattle. The Jets are in desperate need of Wide Receivers. Tate's value is dependent on the development of Smith at QB. If this is where he goes, consider trading him off your fantasy roster.

Detroit Lions
Speaking with a fellow fantasy footballer, this is the spot I'd like for Tate. If Tate ends up as a Lion, he becomes the Lions most legit number 2 since the acquisition of Megatron. On your fantasy team, Tate becomes an elite fantasy player. 

Sidney Rice
Jacksonville Jaguars
Bradley knows Rice and Jacksonville is desperate for receivers. Unlike Tate, Rice could be a more affordable option.

Baltimore Ravens
Rice's name has been linked to Baltimore as Baltimore has a history of acquiring bargain, veterans. This destination extends his career, but his fantasy value clearly plummets in the Flacco-led, Ray Rice run first offense.

New York Jets
Sensing a theme with Tate and Rice? Wherever Tate is rumored, Rice is the cheaper alternative. 

Zach Miller
The once mighty FF TE1 will be asked to take a pay cut to stay in Seattle. Jermichael Finley is rumored to be sniffing around Seattle. If Miller walks, here are some potential landing places: 

New England Patriots
This is nothing more than a hunch. New England had something special with Gronk and A-Hern. Miller can block and catch. His blocking skills have been put to good use, but his receiving skills were clearly underutilized. if he walks; New England is a perfect landing spot. From a fantasy perspective; Miller's FF value jumps to a high TE2; low end TE1 and a sneaky pick in your draft.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seahawks in the SuperBowl...this is no Fantasy!

As many national pundits prepare the orange and blue confetti and crown Peyton Manning the greatest thing since sliced bread; Seattle (namely Sherman) quietly prepares to once again; to silence all naysayers and bring home Seattle's first Lombardi. While Seattle was winning on the field; many on the national stage were picking against them; even at home. Coming off their first road win in franchise history; it was the Saints primed for revenge at Century Link and many pundits foolishly believed they would wreak havoc on the Seahawks. Whoops. Next came the 49ers. They were going to silence the 12th man, march to the Super Bowl and annihilate the AFC opponent be it the Patriots or Broncos. Whoops.

In a Super Bowl filled with X-Factors (for both teams); the overall national narrative goes something like this:

" can Seattle handle Denver's receivers...."
" can Seattle stop Peyton Manning...."
"...Denver's defense is better than their numbers....they're improved..."

Do you sense a theme? It's never what Denver will face. There's nary a peep of Manning not facing a defense like this. Forgetful is the media that while Denver handled Blount; Blount is not Lynch and New England abandoned the run early more than Denver stopped it.

Seattle has to play Denver, but in the words of Pete Carroll; "they (Denver) has to play us". While pressures of legacy hangs over Manning and a game defining drop in the Super Bowl haunts Welker; Seattle continues in it's "why not us attitude" sans the pressures facing Manning and the older veterans on Denver's team. This game won't be easy. Manning is one of the greatest QB's in NFL history and the best currently playing in the NFL. However; Seattle's defense ranks top 5 in the pantheon of great defenses over the past decades.

Seattle believes and so do I.

Seattle Seahawks 34 
Denver Broncos 30

Saturday, January 25, 2014